EHS Hotline
The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) hotline has been selected to provide the Bergen College Community with a simple method of reporting environmental complaints throughout the campus. Further, diligent record keeping and follow-up will be kept during this process. However, this hotline service does not replace or supersede existing emergency response mechanisms, namely, Public Safety, already in place at Bergen. Lastly, EHS services will closely monitor Building and Grounds response to these concerns.

To Report an EHS Concern

  • Environmental Health & Safety (Complaints): (201) 879-1552.
  • Public Safety (Emergency): (201) 447-7116 and (201) 447-9200.

You may report emergencies or crimes by simply dialing 6 (in-house) or (201) 447-9200.

Stormwater General Permit NJG0149802
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan