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NOTE: Programs are flexible. Courses do not have to be taken in the exact order that they are listed in each individual program, and occasionally prerequisites may be waived depending on the circumstance.

Horticulture Course Descriptions: HRT

Related Course Descriptions

NOTE: These two BIO courses are recommended to fulfill the Natural Science elective. They are General Education courses. General Botany BIO-131 is NOT recommended since its content is too similar to Plant Science HRT-102.

BIO-130 People-Plant Relationships

This course explores the effects of plants on biological organisms that influence human economic, social and psychological behavior. The course will focus on two major themes: 1) plants as sources of food, shelter, clothing, drugs, and industrial raw material; and 2) the influence of plant life on human cultural diversity, biotechnology, medicine, and conservation efforts.

3 lectures, 3 labs, 4 credits General Education course

BIO-108 Introduction to Environmental Biology

This course deals with humans and their interactions with the environment. Topics covered include fundamental aquatic and terrestrial ecology, air and water pollution, world population problems, loss of biodiversity, pesticides, solid waste problems and an extensive review of energy problems and their solutions. Laboratories include measurements of various environmental pollutants, analysis of environmental parameters and descriptive and practical reinforcement of lecture material.

3 lectures, 3 labs, 4 credits General Education Course