Director:  Dennis Kruk
Room HP322

The Interdisciplinary Center for Simulation is a state of the art simulation center located within the Health Professions department of Bergen Community College. The Center provides a variety of instructional methodologies to support education in all Health Professions. Among the educational strategies used are:

  • Simulation using computerized adult and pediatric manikins
  • Role-playing
  • Faculty-assisted instruction
  • Instruction in specific hands on skills
  • Standardized patients (trained actors)
  • Innovative, state-of-the-art multimedia
  • Structured debriefing

While taking the variety of learning styles into account, learners and faculty select various methods to broaden assessment, communication, psychomotor and cognitive skills. Replicating the essential aspects of a clinical situation allows a student to more readily understand and apply these skills when in a clinical setting and approximates what the students may encounter. The student is given the opportunity to practice clinical skills, in a safe and realistic learning environment, which can be transferred into safe clinical practice.

Key concepts in the simulation learning environment include: patient safety, communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, teamwork, cultural competence, informatics and evidence-based practice. Components of these concepts are intertwined throughout the simulation experience.

It is the objective of the Center for Simulation to provide an environment that in conjunction with course objectives supports the following goals for students:

  • Improve performance
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase active learning
  • Increase competence
  • Increase critical analysis of performance
  • Decrease stress

Our Vision

The vision of Bergen Community College Interdisciplinary Center for Simulation is to prepare entry level practitioners to meet and exceed the health care needs of today’s world, while simultaneously cultivating relationships between disciplines in order to enhance the quality of patient care.

The center will enhance the quality of healthcare and patient safety through the use of advanced clinical simulation and training grounded in the most current science and cutting edge technology. By providing a safe simulated environment, where quality patient care is emphasized, we will prepare students for the complex healthcare environment they will face. Training and assessment of students will be provided by interdisciplinary educators who are active in their respective fields to provide an authentic experience and foster future collaboration.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Bergen Community College Interdisciplinary Center for Simulation is to develop, deliver, and evaluate clinical training activities for learners, faculty, and staff, and to enhance competence and strengthen collaborative practice across the continuum of care. It is our goal to provide safe, high quality education, and develop excellence in simulation-based training and assessment allowing students to excel in their fields and be future leaders in healthcare.