The Federal Work Study and Non-Work Study Program at Bergen Community College

Commitment to Excellence in Nurturing Student Success

Listed below are some guidelines to ensure your success in the On-Campus Student Worker program.


  • Assists with School Expenses: The Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) is an earn as you go program that allows need based students to receive money for college expenses.
  • Prevents Debt: By earning funds for school expenses, students can reduce their out of pocket expenses, thus borrowing less in student loans.
  • Positively Affects Student Development: Students that work part-time, on-campus achieve higher grade point averages and faster degree completion in general, than their non–working peers. Studies show that these students also have more frequent intellectual growth.

Federal Work Study Program (FWS) 

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally-funded program for students who need financial assistance with educational expenses. The program offers meaningful part-time employment on campus or with an off- campus community service organization to eligible students while enrolled at Bergen Community College.

Due to funding limitations, Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee a job for everyone. Students are encouraged to begin their job search as early as possible after they receive their federal work-study award. Students will be interviewed and placed for jobs on a first come, first served basis.
Please contact the Career and Workforce Development Center for placement ( located in One-Stop Center).


Orientation will be mandatory for FWS students. Students will be paid for their attendance at their hourly rate.

The Maximum award FOR FWS STUDENTS will be $3000 for the academic year, if eligible.

A listing of all available positions will continue to be maintained in the Career and Workforce Development Center, to further improve this process, we keep all job leads for student employment on our on-line job search system College Central. (

Student Employment Positions Availability and Classification

  • General Student Aide positions will be classified into a Tier system.  Please see below:
    • Tier 1: $12.00 (code Q) First year student;
    • Tier 2: $13.00 (code S) Second year student (24 credits+, good standing academically and at work);
    • Tier 3: $14.00 (code U) Community Service;
    • Tier 4: $14.00 (code U) Life Guards.
  • Tutors, Peer Advisors, and Mentors Rates are classified into Level system.
    Due to the professional nature of these positions, these students need special qualifications and need to meet certain academic requirements to attain these positions.
    For listings you may come in to the Career and Workforce Center to view.
    Please see below for pay rates for Tutors, Peer Advisors and Mentors positions:

    • Level 1: $12.00 (S);
    • Level 2: $14.00 (U);
    • Level 3: $14.00 (U).

Allowed FWS Hours and Funds Limit

  • WORK HOURS: 20 hours for all student workers.
  • Up to a $3000 cap on FWS.
  • Students will be evaluated on a yearly basis to be raised to the next tier; plus the credits and academic standing that are required for that tier.
  • All major communication will be communicated via a memo to students with the paycheck.
  • Students will not be dropped from work unless they have been terminated for reason.Once hours are exhausted which is indicated on your time sheets as they have been, work is complete for the year.This means you have reached the CAP.

Student Procedure for Obtaining a Job on Campus

The student should:

  1. Apply for financial aid by the advertised deadline dates.
  2. Receive a financial aid award letter via email or regular mail indicating they have received a work study award. (Please make sure BCC has a valid email address on file).
  3. Select a position of interest based on the job postings offered in the Career and Workforce Center and contact the person listed on the job lead form for an interview.
  4. Obtain written confirmation by completing the On-Campus Employment Form from the supervisor that the student is hired for the position.
  5. Complete the hiring paperwork (I-9 and W-4 form) within (3) days of the student’s hire date at the Career and Workforce Development Center.
    Students will not be cleared to work until all paperwork is completed through the Career and Workforce Development Center .
  6. Accurately complete timesheets provided by their Supervisor. Student is responsible for handing in their timesheets for approval to their Supervisor.

Student and Supervisor Procedure for Submitting Timesheets

  1. The student must accurately record hours worked and present the time sheets on a weekly basis to the Supervisor for approval.
  2. The Supervisor is responsible for delivering the time sheets to Financial Aid office in a timely manner. Please provide the Career and Transfer Services Office with the name & contact information for a secondary approved Supervisor. Off campus time sheets must be delivered to Career and Workforce Development Center by the agreed due dates (Payroll Schedules are available in the Office of Financial Aid, Payroll Office, and the Career and Workforce Development Center).
  3. Students can work up to 20 hours per week. During Winter and Spring Break a maximum of 30 hours is permitted.
  4. Both student and supervisor signatures and date MUST be present in order for the timesheets to be processed.
  5. Timesheets are required to be submitted every two weeks, but no later than 1 month of time worked (mandatory Federal Regulations).
  6. Students will no longer be permitted to change FWS assignments during a semester without written approvals from Career and Workforce Development Center and Financial Aid Office.

Cancellation of Federal Work Study Funds

  • Students who are awarded FWS funds and have not secured a job by September 30th will receive notification from Financial Aid of award cancellation.
  • Students with FWS who do not appear on the payroll at least once a month could be in jeopardy of having their work study funds cancelled unless we hear from the student.

FWS Notification To Students Who Have Exhausted FWS Funds
(On Campus & Community Service)

  • Students & Supervisor will receive written notification when student has reached the midpoint of their award. This will be considered a pre-warning of student reaching their maximum award.
  • If for any reason student has exceeded their award, the Supervisor will be held accountable and the excess will be charged from their department budget.
  • Community Service Supervisors: Students will be paid ONLY the amount of the award eligible to them through FWS.
  • Please be sure students do not exceed that award.