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The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning’s travel grant program is designed to support faculty who wish to attend instructional technology related conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.

Program Description

CITL travel grants are restricted to a maximum of $800.00, and the total number of grants available is limited. Grants are awarded on the basis of first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must complete a travel grant application and attachments as stated below are required.

  • First submit a Request for Travel & Advance Form to your department head. State how much your department is funding. (if the department is not funding any money, the dept. head should sign the form stating zero funds). Please submit original paperwork.
  • If you are also seeking other internal funding sources, exhaust those first ( such as faculty development).
  • Your signed Request for Travel & Advance Form should then be submitted along with the items below.
  • Complete the Professional Development Travel Grant Form stating the amount of funds requested, with a maximum of $800.
  • Include any back up information, such as a copy of the conference flier.
  • Submit forms to Amarjit Kaur, room C-335.

Your completed forms will be processed within a few days and forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing. Since there are limited funds, please make all requests before the due date each semester.

Summary of Materials

To receive a CITL travel grant, faculty must provide CITL with a summary of materials after attending a training session and commit to teaching a CITL workshop, or submit the material for sharing with other faculty members. The CIT office will place materials (when possible) on the CITL website so that they may be shared with other faculty. Submitted information may be in the form of:

  • Ideas and teaching suggestions using technology,
  • Conference presentations (PowerPoint’s, slides, website links, etc.)
  • In-house workshops or training sessions.

CITL expects grant recipients to submit information material or make a presentation within 2 weeks of the return date.Information material should be emailed to citl@bergen.edu or mailed to room C-334.

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