Do you need assistance with preparing your course to teach remotely?

This Spring semester selected faculty is providing support on preparing courses and teaching remotely. Please consult the list below and contact a faculty member directly via email or contact CITL to pair you up with someone who can assist you.

Division of Humanities

  1. Brian Cordell (COMP)
  2. Leigh Jonaitis (EBS)
  3. Leah Carmona (ESL & WL)

Division of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences

  1. Anthony Yankowski (SOC)
  2. John Bandman (BUS)
  3.  Tim Blunk (VPA)
  4.  Tom Jewell (COM)

Division of Mathematics, Science, & Technology

  1. Jose Rodriguez (MATH)
  2. Abdul Aqeel (BIO)
  3. Gary Porter (CHM)
  4. Sunita Verma (MATH)
  5. Neel Haldolaarachchige (PHY)

Division of Health Professions

  1. Carmen Cruz-Torres (NUR)
  2. Tomira Rozar (DHY)
  3. Joseph Goss (RSP)


  1. Paula Williams (BASS)
  2. Joan Dalyrmple (HS)
  3. Annemarie Roscello (ENG)