Do you need assistance with preparing your course to teach on Canvas?

One-on-One Consultation (Coming Soon)

This Spring semester train-the-trainers are providing support for fixing courses converted from Moodle to Canvas. Please contact a trainer directly from the list below or contact CITL to pair you up with someone who can assist you.

Division of Humanities

  1. Leigh Jonaitis (EBS)
  2. Leah Carmona (ESL & WL)

Division of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences

  1. John Bandman (BUS)
  2.  Tim Blunk (VPA)
  3. Paula Williams (BASS)

Division of Mathematics, Science, & Technology

  1. Abdul Aqeel (BIO)
  2. Neel Haldolaarachchige (PHY)

Division of Health Professions

  1. Tomira Rozar (DHY)
  2. Joseph Goss (RSP)


  1. Mani Memari, Instructional Designer
  2. Samuel Bachert, Learning Technologies Consultant