Except for the open-ended, all questions are rated on a Likert scale:

The Instructor

  1. The instructor presented the course material in an organized manner.
  2. The instructor communicated the course objectives and material clearly.
  3. The instructor established a positive learning environment.
  4. The instructor provided helpful feedback about my work in this course.
  5. The instructor supported my progress towards achieving the course objectives.
  6. The instructor enhanced my interest in this subject.
  7. The instructor provided timely feedback on my academic performance/grades.
  8. The instructor encouraged students to ask questions and prompted class participation.
  9. The instructor seemed genuinely interested in teaching this class.
  10. The instructor graded assignments fairly
  11. Overall, this instructor was an effective teacher.

Open Ended Questions:

12.   What did this instructor do well?
13.   How can this instructor make changes to improve this course?

The Course

The first 6 Course Questions are rated on a Likert scale:

  1.  The course challenged me intellectually.
  2.  My knowledge increased from this course.
  3.  The course assignments accurately reflected the goals of the course.
  4.  The textbooks and reading materials enhanced the learning experience in this course.
  5.  Test questions accurately reflected course content.
  6.  On-line materials such as instructions, lectures, announcements, Power Points, videos, Podcasts, links, etc.,) were clear and presented in a logical manner.

20)   The workload for this course was:

One of the Heaviest    Heavier than Average     About Average   Lighter than Average      One of the lightest

21)   I would recommend this course to other students.

Strongly Agree              Agree     Neutral              Disagree              Strongly Disagree

The Student

These student questions are graded on a Likert scale:

  1.  I attended this class or participated in this class regularly.
  2.  I was always prepared for class.
  3.  I had a strong desire to take this course.
  4. This was a required course for me.

Open Ended Questions

26)   If this is an online course, how would you compare the work load to a traditional face-to-face course?

27)   Is there anything about this course that we did not ask but you would like to tell us?