The Bergen Community College Logo
Since 1965, this mark has served as the exclusive logo for Bergen Community College. The logo is comprised of two parts: the logotype and the College’s symbol or mark. These two components should always be used as one unit together. The logotype and symbol/mark should never be used separately.

The College logo should never be altered or modified. Position, size and color, along with the spatial and proportional relationships of the College’s logo elements are predetermined and should not be altered.

You must contact the College’s Public Relations department for approval to use this mark.

Logo Variations
We request that you use the color logo whenever possible. However, we understand that there are certain circumstances that require a one-color or tonal version. For that reason, we have these additional logo options. All of these are available to download from our website in multiple formats depending on your needs.

Use of the College’s official logo colors is critical when reproducing the College’s logo. Below are the color specifications for reproducing the core colors for print and electronic media.

CMYK: 0 / 53 / 100 / 0
Pantone Orange 021
RGB: 247 / 142 / 30
Hexidecimal: #FF6600
CMYK: 75 / 100 / 0 / 1
Pantone Violet
RGB: 101 / 44 / 143
Hexidecimal: #660099

Logo Colors for Website Use
Colors do not always translate perfectly from print to web. Therefore, specific hexidecimal values, which come from a web-safe color palette, have been selected for The College’s web use. If you are using the logo on a College, or non-College website, the logo must appear in full-color. Pre-calculated hexidecimal, web-safe logos are available for downloading from the College’s website.

The College Seal
The official Bergen Community College seal is used on formal documents such as diplomas or other official administrative communications emanating from the President’s office or the Board of Directors. The seal is also used for official ceremonial functions such as commencement and may appear on approved plaques, flags, or furniture.

The seal is not the College logo. It should not be used on stationery or brochures as a logo. Generally, it should be reserved for official and ceremonial functions.

Please contact the Public Relations department with any questions that you might have concerning proper use and reproduction of the College seal.

To copy a Bergen Logo to your computer:
PC users: Right click on the image and choose: “Save As” or “Save Picture As” and then click browse to select a folder on your computer hard drive, and then click save. Make sure to note where on your computer you saved the image.

Mac users: Hold down the control key while clicking on the picture, release the control key, and choose “Save this image as” from the menu that appears. This can also be done by positioning the mouse pointer over the picture, then clicking the mouse button and holding it down for a few seconds.

Download an archive of all Bergen logo variations

Bergen Logo Variations
Bergen Logo Variations
Bergen Logo Variations

Download an archive of all Bergen seal variations

BCC Seal Variations
BCC Seal Variations