Associate of Arts degree (A.A.)- Cinema Studies Option

The Cinema Studies option comprises a series of classes within a Liberal Arts context that allows students to learn about how films are made; how significance is created within films; the history of film; and other more specific topics such as American Cinema and Women in Cinema.  The program offers Special Topics courses whose topics change; some that have been offered include Films of the 1970s, Film Noir, and Latin American Cinema.

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Associate of Science degree (A.S.)- Professional Studies- Broadcasting Option

The Broadcasting option prepares students to transfer into the junior year of a baccalaureate program in Broadcasting or a related area such as media, advertising, marketing, and public relations. It provides students with an understanding of the historical, regulatory, technical, and business components that combine to create the media world of today. Broadcasting career options include work in management or administration, sales, engineering or technical support, production and programming.

Associate of Arts degree (A.A.)- Communication Option

The Communication option prepares students to transfer into the junior year of a liberal arts baccalaureate program for advanced undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Communication or other liberal arts major. It includes courses that teach theories, principles and practices of effective and ethical communication in a range of personal, public, visual and mediated contexts. The option in Communication is appropriate for students focusing on many areas of study as well as professional careers. A concentration in Communication is often selected by students going into education, business, marketing, public relations, law, social work, criminal justice and political science.