Students interested in studying a world language at Bergen Community College, may choose to either begin a new one or continue the language studied previously.

Students who have studied a world language in high school and have received a grade of B or better, are required to enroll in the appropriate BCC course as follows:

Years of study Register In
Up to one year Level I courses (e.g., French I)
Two years Level II courses (e.g., French II)
Three or more Level III courses (e.g., Intermediate French I)

Students who received grades of C+ or lower, should enroll in level I. If unsure about your level, contact the Academic Coordinator.

Native or heritage speakers of Spanish must enroll in special courses designed for their needs: Elementary Spanish for Heritage Speakers and/or Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers.You may need to see the Academic Coordinator or the Dean of Arts and Humanities for signature.

Check the current BCC registration booklet for course offerings.