How much does it cost to study abroad?

Costs for study abroad programs vary, depending on the cost of living and currency exchange rates in various countries, but the total cost for a semester is often less than the cost at a private college or university, or roughly comparable to that at a public institution.

Semester programs are considerably more expensive than summer and short term programs. If cost is an important consideration, you may want to explore study abroad programs in Latin America. They are less expensive.

The earlier you decide to participate in a study abroad program, the sooner you can start saving your money!

Financial Aid

It is possible for students to use some or all of their federal financial aidfor study abroad. Here are some facts you should know:

Financial aid may be used for study abroad. Both direct costs(tuition, room and board) and indirect costs (books, fees, airfare, departuretaxes, estimated ground transportation costs, and personal spending) of a studyabroad program are included to calculate a student’s financial aid package.Once the amount of need and the student’s own contribution is determined, somestudents may receive federal grants or loans equal to or even greater than theyreceive while studying at their home institutions.

There are many forms of aid. Check with your financial aid officeabout federal forms of aid, including grants and loans, as well asinstitutional aid that may also be available for study abroad.

Financial aid can be used to support summer study, as long as you are enrolled for academic credit and you meet all other requirements. (Check with the financial aid office to see if this is applicable to Bergen.)

It is a good idea to apply early. Early application allows your financial aid office to complete the review of your eligibility for financial aid and to get all of the paperwork done. Be sure to apply no later than fifteen weeks prior to departure.