What are e-books? Electronic books (e-books) are full-text books in electronic form that can be read online (some permit downloading). They are linked from: our online catalog; within our online subscription databases; and on public websites.

Our online catalog contains these e-book collections:

  • Some 4,000 current academic & publically accessible books from many different disciplines
  • Interdisciplinary books on world history, ancient to modern
  • Government Documents — 150 US GPO titles, including Federal Register, Congressional Record, and Occupational Outlook Handbook.

How to use e-books linked from our catalog:

  1. Search the catalog as you would normally.
  2. For remote access just enter your BCC username and password when prompted.

How to use e-books in our databases:

Go to Databases A – Z on the Library homepage, select a database, and then search by subject. Some of these searches will pull up content from electronic books. To see the specific titles contained in a database, click on “Sources” or “Publications” on its main page.