In addition to the requirements from the School of Honors, the requirements for registration into an honors section of MAT-130 or MAT-150 are:

  • Either a score of at least 600 on the mathematics portion of the S.A.T. examination or a score of at least 90 out of 120 on the algebra portion of the mathematics placement examination or a grade of B+ or better for MAT-040 and MAT-048 without repeated tries to replace E or F grades.
  • No prior registration into the mathematics course which is being given as an honors course.

Honors by  Contract in Mathematics Courses

If a student signs up for any honors course that is given by the College then once the change of registration period has ended for the semester, the student no longer has the option to drop the honors course and change to a regular section of that same course. In addition, the student may be assigned any grade from A to F
for the honors course. Accordingly, the Mathematics Department imposes the same conditions when a student signs up for an Honors -by-Contract (HBC) arrangement in any mathematics course.

Unlike Honors-by-Contract (HBC) arrangements in other disciplines, after the date specified on the Mathematics HBC request form, the student no longer has the option to change to regular status and the student will be assigned a grade for the HBC course that could be any of the grades A to F. As with any honors course, the student may withdraw from the course in which they are engaged in an HBC up to the regular withdrawal deadline for courses. They do not have the option to withdraw from the HBC and not the course.

Students engaged in an HBC arrangement in any mathematics course, will not complete a single project but rather they will be required to:

  • complete weekly honors assignments that are in addition to the regular assignments that all students in the class must complete
  • take honors exams that will consist of some of the problems from the regular exam and additional honors problems. The honors exams will be taken on the same date and time as the regular exams for the class.

Each student who engages in an HBC arrangement in any mathematics course will be required to sign an addendum to the regular HBC contract that describes these additional conditions.

Questions about the honors mathematics courses or about the honors-by-contract arrangement in mathematics courses can be directed to: Dr. R. Forsstrom, Mathematics Department Chair