NJ STARS Webinars for New and Transfer Students

NJ STARS Information Webinar Recording

All questions about the NJ STARS program, eligibility requirements, the new online application process, and much more will be answered without having to leave your home.  To access a recording of the March 16th webinar, please click here.

2021 NJ STARS Webinar Series – How to Get Certified as an NJ STARS Student

Coming in May!  RSVP to one of the weekly webinars below for prospective NJ STARS students, parents, and high school staff.

Join us at the Everything You Need to Know About the NJ STARS Program webinar to get answers to all your questions about the NJ STARS program or join one of the shorter, topic-specific webinars listed below.

Dates and times will be posted here shortly.

  • Everything You Need to Know About the NJ STARS Program
    From applying to the college to signing your NJ STARS Application/Contract
  • How do I Navigate through my Bergen Community College Student Portal?
    Learn how to check your Financial Aid status, your Registration Statement (bill), and more
  • The New Online NJ STARS Application/Contract Process
    What you need to do before signing the NJ STARS Application/Contract
  • Tips for Completing the Financial Aid Process for NJ STARS Students
    What you need to know to be sure your financial aid review process is complete for both federal and state financial aid

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Please complete and submit the NJ STARS Event RSVP form below only once.  An email will be sent to you containing the meeting link and instructions the day before the webinar.  Please be sure to RSVP no later than one hour prior to the webinar so there will be time to email you the meeting link and instructions.