Bergen Community College Open House

Thursday, November 1st at 3:00 pm


Prospective students, families and community members are invited to join us for an expansive open house designed to showcase all that Bergen has to offer!

Program for Open House on November 1, 2018

Our campus-wide event includes:

  • Academic Program Exploration
  • Teaching Demonstrations
  • Tours and Exhibits
  • Workshops*

*NJ STARS Workshops:  4:15 pm and 5:15 pm in Room L-149

For more information, please email the Office of Admissions at [email protected].

Please visit to RSVP.  Hope you can make it!


2019-2020 NJ STARS Information Sessions

Coming soon!  The new schedule will be posted sometime in December.

  NJ STARS Summer Workshops

Each year, NJ STARS Summer Workshops are held from late June through the end of August. The schedule will be posted here sometime in June.

Why Should you Attend an NJ STARS Workshop?  NJ STARS students’ financial aid status must be complete for both the FAFSA at Bergen Community College (Federal aid) and HESAA (State of New Jersey aid) by the FAFSA, BCC and HESAA deadlines in order for tuition to be paid by NJ STARS scholarships.

Many students do not know how to tell if their financial aid reviews are complete.  New and current students who are not complete by all deadlines will be responsible for paying their tuition and may be permanently ineligible for the NJ STARS program.

At the workshops, students will access their Bergen Community College and HESAA student portals and receive an overview of their financial aid information and learn what they must do to ensure their federal (FAFSA) and state (HESAA) status is complete before all deadlines. Students must be able to login to both student portals before attending a workshop.

Important!  If any of the NJ STARS Summer Workshops dates listed below must be changed or canceled, an email will be sent to students who registered for the workshop.  To register, please click here and fill out the online RSVP form.

NJ STARS Webinars

NJ STARS webinars will be available soon so that students and parents can learn about the NJ STARS program or to get assistance with the application process online.