NJ STARS II Information for NJ STARS Graduates

NJ STARS students who graduate from a community college within five semesters with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater may qualify for NJ STARS II scholarships.  Students earning Nursing or Engineering degrees are given an additional unfunded sixth semester to graduate.

It is never too early to talk to a transfer counselor!  You should make an appointment to see a Transfer Counselor after completing 48 college-level credits.  Visit the Transfer and Articulation Services webpages for more information.

  • NJ STARS II will provide a $2,500 annual scholarship for NJ STARS students who earn their associate degrees at their community colleges with grade point averages of 3.25 or better and successfully transfer to any public or private New Jersey four-year college or university to earn their baccalaureate degrees.
  • NJ STARS graduates must begin NJ STARS II program participation at a four-year college or university within one semester after graduation (no later than the second semester immediately following graduation) or they will no longer be eligible for NJ STARS II scholarships.
  • Qualifying NJ STARS II students will continue to have four semesters of NJ STARS II eligibility
  • NJ STARS II students must maintain a 3.25 grade point average in their junior year to receive the scholarship in their senior year.
  • Financial aid review for both federal (FAFSA) and state-based (HESAA) must be completed by the four-year college/university and HESAA by the appropriate deadlines in order to be eligible for the NJ STARS II program.
  • Students whose families’ income equals or exceeds $250,000 will not be eligible for NJ STARS II.

HESAA (Higher Education Student Assistance Authority) NJ STARS II Fact Sheets & Brochure:

For more information, please visit www.njgrants.org