3. How to Apply to the NJ STARS Program



We are excited that you have decided to apply to Bergen Community College as a new or transfer prospective NJ STARS student in the NJ STARS program.  

If you did not receive a letter from HESAA or Bergen Community College, please visit Information for High School Students and Graduates to find out what you can do next.

Let’s Get Started

After checking the NJ STARS Fact Sheet for 2018 High School Graduates to be sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements, please follow the NJ STARS Application Process Checklist to complete your NJ STARS Application/Contract and make an appointment to come in to have it signed as soon after high school graduation as possible.  Since it gets very busy after July, please come to an NJ STARS workshop to get help completing your contract and to have it signed.  For available dates and times, please visit the NJ STARS Events page.

If you need an NJ STARS Application/Contract, you can pick it up with the NJ STARS documents up at your convenience.  NJ STARS packages are located in Room A-128A in the Pitkin Education Center in the mailbox on the office door in an orange folder marked “NJ STARS Packages,” or visit Room A-118 and ask the staff at the front desk for an NJ STARS package.

The final deadline to have all steps completed for the Fall 2018 semester is September 4th, and the final deadline for the Fall2 2018 semester is September 25th.  Please remember that all required steps, especially federal and state-based financial aid review must be completed in order to be officially certified as an NJ STARS student.*

*It is of the utmost importance that all financial aid (FAFSA) and state-based (HESAA) paperwork, and any additional information requested is completed by stated deadlines.  Compliance will ensure continuous enrollment in Bergen Community College’s NJ STARS Program.  Failure to complete all documents and provide all requested information may result in an unfunded semester, or possible loss of NJ STARS eligibility.

To ensure that you have completed all necessary steps, please access the following videos and/or documents:

Financial Aid TV  You can browse through video playlists by category, go through the financial aid process in order, or you can search for an answer to your question.  These short videos also have a typewritten script that runs alongside it so you can read or listen.

Federal Financial Aid Review Process (FAFSA)PowerPoint version* or PDF version*

State-Based Financial Aid Review Process (HESAA)PowerPoint version* or PDF version*

*All links in the PowerPoint presentations and the pdf versions are clickable, and videos are playable.

To view PowerPoint presentations: click “Enable Editing”, then click “Enable Content”.  *For free alternatives to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, click here.