Interpreter Request Content

To request an Interpreter, you need to provide the following:
  • Name of the event (Examples: Tutoring session, Counselor meeting, Professor/Instructor meeting, Commencement ceremony, Class meeting…)
  • Date of when Interpreter is needed
  • Time of  the event (Start time and End Time)
  • Location/Building: Include the name of the Building and Room/Office number
  • Location/Place: State if Interpreter is needed to meet you on campus OR if the event is remote/online on the computer (via Web).

Note/Recurring Event

  1. If you need an Interpreter throughout the semester, please provide the semester information.
  2. More information about the semester’s name, start & end dates can be found under the Registration Calendar information Web page ( )

Interpreter Request Contact Information

Please email your request to Deaf Services: