Modified Curriculum for Turning Point Students
Turning Point Students take a selection of courses that promote enrichment in the areas of English and Math basic skills, goal setting, communication, organization, self-awareness, self-advocacy, basic critical thinking, social thinking as well as a career readiness series. Curriculum specifically modified for the Turning Point Program is normed for 3rd – 5th grade equivalencies.

Career Pathway Credentialing Courses
Students choose a career specialization in year two of the program and they will take a Career Pathway Credentialing Course.  The material and certification exams for the Career Pathway Credentialing Courses are not modified.  Turning Point provides Enhanced Support to assist students while navigating the Career Pathway Credentialing Courses which includes extended instruction and tutoring.

College Electives
The Turning Point program provides a postsecondary experience for students that includes the opportunity to take one college elective each semester. There is no modification for these elective courses. The electives are meant to provide our students with opportunities to expand their understanding of topics in areas of interest and promote the concept of lifelong learning. Our program philosophy promotes employment as the goal after graduation and does not encourage graduates to become matriculated BCC students due the significant differences in academic rigor between modified curriculum and college level courses. To explore what Bergen Community College has to offer, please refer to the catalog.