Four Payment Options for Your Convenience

Your registration is important! In order to secure your seat(s) in class, you must take one of the following actions:

Students who do not choose one of these payment options may have their classes dropped from their schedule at any time.

Intent to Pay Agreement (ITP)
Students should consider using the ITP option if they believe they will not have time to secure Financial Aid prior to a pending registration drop (which may occur at any time after registration).

  • It is recommended that a student use the ITP if unsure of their financial aid status.
  • To use the ITP, you must be matriculated, and be in a program leading towards a degree/certificate.
  • The ITP will require that you (1) log in using the above link to access form, (2) read the statement and understand the terms, and (3) acknowledge your understanding.
  • Once the ITP is on your record (allow 2-3 days), you are expected to make proper payment arrangements prior to the next registration period (the first month of October or April after completing the ITP).
  • The ITP will only protect your registration for the term(s) for which you are registered.