Artists from the Habitat For Artists Collective
November 18 2016 – January 31 2016

Habitat for Artists uses the idea of the artists’ studio as a catalyst for mutual engagement between artists and their community.

For almost a decade a changing set of artists in the collective have invited other artists to take up residence and do their work in signature HFA 6’ by 6’ temporary structures. The artists have engaged in active dialogues with new audiences while exploring their own creative process. Participants have been invited into dialogue about art, the artist’s role and topics relevant to their community.

In this exhibition,Art@Large at Gallery Bergen work from these HFA public projects as well as work from the artist’s studios will be presented.

BCC students will be invited to explore different topics and have the opportunity to make work related to HFA engagement activities, topics and public workshops. Such workshops will include “College Collage” in which students can create original pieces from various recycled materials.

The gallery space will alternate between a studio work space and exhibition space with the opportunity for collaborative pieces to evolve between the HFA artists and BCC students. The exhibition will include worktables and wall sections to be used over the duration of the exhibition.

Michael Asbill
John Bridges
Richard Bruce
Bill DeNoyelles
Simon Draper
Kathy Feighery
Marnie Hillsley
Jessica Poser
Todd Sargood
Tom Sarrantonio
Donna Sharrett
Molly Rausch
Beth E Wilson