(From left) Dan Altano, Bergen Professor Brian Altano, student Lydia Lugo and Bergen President Michael D. Redmond, Ph.D., at the scholarship ceremony.

PARAMUS, N.J. – The Bergen Community College Foundation distributed approximately $216,000 to 177 students during its annual spring scholarship awards ceremony April 30. Each of the scholarships – funded by community members, faculty and staff – carries its own unique criteria, providing opportunities for many subsets of the Bergen student body.

Among them, the Isabella Altano Scholarship for Emerging Artists – a new memorial endowed scholarship – launched this year. Awarded to student Lydia Lugo, of Garfield, the scholarship recalls Mrs. Isabella Altano, an alumnus, former and artist who passed away last year. Mrs. Altano believed the arts represent an essential part of life, spending her own time painting, photographing and restoring furniture among many interests. Her paintings and photography appeared in galleries across the United States as well as internationally in Austria and Italy. The Altano family – her husband Brian, a longtime Bergen professor, and three children, of Ridgewood – endowed the scholarship.

The Bergen Community College Foundation leads the application and disbursement process, which has totaled nearly $20 million since its inception in 1982.

Spring 2019 scholarship recipients, by hometown:



Ann Gottschalk, Seymour Lewis Biology Scholarship

Michele Youssef, Paul Marshall Scholarship



Ma. Shahina Venice Dizon, Pitkin Scholarship

Joo Hyang Lee, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Victor Paucar, Gourmet Dining Scholarship for Study Abroad

Ramona Urena Brito, R2D2 Scholarship



Nicole Re, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship

Glenise Robinson, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Carina Conrad, Ciarco Family Scholarship


Brooklyn, New York

Abyr Aboulyaktane, R2D2 Scholarship



Skylar Teats, Ciarco Family Scholarship


Cliffside Park

Mary Anderson, College Club of Northern NJ Scholarship

Seongmi Cho, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Nicole Gaito, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Edgar Hernandez, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Arjola Hilaj, Wilmington Trust, An M&T Company Scholarship

Teresa Petrie, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Peter Saldana, Lakeland Bank Scholarship

Michael Suarez-Bonet, Pitkin Scholarship



Ipek Kucuksahin, Joseph and Anna Martucci Scholarship

Sokunannya Om, Wilmington Trust, An M&T Company Scholarship



Svetlana Rai, A&A Ridgewood Registered Professional Nurses Scholarship



Camila Nunes Franco, Southpole Foundation Scholarship



Alyssa Davenda, Marian “Mona” Dolecki Scholarship

Matthew Demarco, Paul David Walter Memorial Scholarship

Chanhyuck Jun, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Elka Peter, Ciarco Family Scholarship


East Rutherford

Courtney Andrade Bodden, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Patrick Cao, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Brianna Guido, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Jennifer Mikulko, Stryker Orthopaedics Scholarship


Elmwood Park

Kenneth Abella, PSE&G STEM Scholarship

Nidhiben Patel, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Vedant Patel, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Elizabeth Rios, Jorge Blanco Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Arna Ruz, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Adelajda Turku, Pitkin Scholarship

Diala Yeshoua, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship



Angelica Amegashie, Gourmet Dining Scholarship for Study Abroad



Luisa Cuadros, Jorge Blanco Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Angela Greene, Suez NJ Scholarship

Sunmin Ku, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Joseph Sanchez, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Tanzilya Seisekenova, Southpole Foundation Scholarship


Fair Lawn

Aderonke Amosu, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Paulina Bogdanova, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Bobae Chang, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Mykhailo Malko, Stryker Orthopaedics Scholarship

Rosio Sanchez-Montoya, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship

Christine Walsh, Southpole Foundation Scholarship


Fort Lee

Taeho Cho, Traphagen Family Scholarship

June Cutrupi, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Serdar Markar Karadayi, Reverend Carnig Antranik Hallajian Endowed Scholarship

Ha Kyoung Kim, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Yoora Lee, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Adele Lipkin, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Jonghee Park, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Lin Yan, Southpole Foundation Scholarship



Zhane Ball, Philip Begonja Memorial Scholarship

Joanna Camano, David A.  Gill Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Damjan Dejanoski, PSE&G STEM Scholarship

Dorida Denas, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Kaleigh Evelina, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Erisa Ganellari, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Lydia Lugo, Isabella Altano Memorial Scholarship for Emerging Artists

Aida Molla, PSE&G STEM Scholarship

Ummu Yuzugulluer, Visions FCU Endowed Technology Scholarship


Glen Ridge

Maria de Las Nieves Elias Alvarez, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship


Glen Rock

Mark Mifsud, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Thalia Andrade, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Melissa Jara, BCC Rotary Scholarship for International Students

Bryant Rivera, Pitkin Scholarship

Janil Santana, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship



Avik Desai, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Yvonne Mbondo, Southpole Foundation Scholarship


Hasbrouck Heights

Manuel Ackattupathil, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Tenzin Kalden, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Stephen Kolluri, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Christian Ocampo, Alumni Network Nursing Scholarship



Amber Von Zwehl, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Karla Corona Boites, Southpole Foundation Scholarship



Amina Muka, Meadowland Scholarship for Historical Study


Jersey City

Shamsia Khan, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship



Leydi Bocio Campos, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Luciana Certeza, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship

Marcela Czekalski Hornung, Hackensack University Medical CTR BSN Nursing Scholarship

Erick Guevara, Reverend Carnig Antranik Hallajian Endowed Scholarship

Alicia Moran, Gourmet Dining Scholarship for Study Abroad

Michelle Ward, R2D2 Scholarship



Yessica Mejia Morales, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Donaldo Biba, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Noann Pascual, Leo Foundation Scholarship


Little Ferry

Lynda Decristofaro, Traphagen Family Scholarship

Jurgen Neli, R2D2 Scholarship

Glenda Nunagcatacutan, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Eunbin Park, Pitkin Scholarship

Mohamad Louay Saem Aldaher, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Nicole Cacciatore, Philip Begonja Memorial Scholarship

Kenida Calderon Nunez, PSE&G STEM Scholarship

Sevgi Ozcelik, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Rebecca Wood, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship



Cristina Calvin, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Justin Carmona, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Monirae Hickey, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship



Antonia McNaught, Moses Family Scholarship



Augustine Bassoah, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

D’Nita Lou Holganza, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship



Peng Shi, Verizon Scholarship



Kyle Dubroff, Edward “Doc” Wonsicki Scholarship

Anvar Gulomov, Suez NJ Scholarship



Sharlynne Cabrales, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship



Laura Marquez, Leo Foundation Scholarship


New Milford

Fernanda Armas Alvarado, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Isaiah Castaneda, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Alyssa Denning Moreno, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Maria Gurbuz, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Hadassah Haricha, Ciarco Family Scholarship


North Arlington

Santiago Sanchez Angarita, Ciarco Family Scholarship


North Bergen

Marcelo Nardella, Dr. Richard Ciccone Scholarship


North Haledon

Tracy VandenBerg, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Michael Petrazzuolo, Lakeland Bank Scholarship

Eddie Wegman, R2D2 Scholarship


Old Tappan

Seongyoon Oh, BCC Rotary Scholarship for International Students



Ryan Pagan, Pitkin Scholarship


Palisades Park

Arthur Im, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Wenji Jin, Pitkin Scholarship

Dong Guk Ko, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Sung Jin Lee, Maura Soehnlein Memorial Scholarship



Cansu Koseoglu, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Joanna Penaloza, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Howon Ra, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Chaya Abraham, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship



Virginia Jackson, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship

Amanda Irving, Leo Foundation Scholarship


Peekskill, New York

Samantha Ceretta, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Da Hye Kim, R2D2 Scholarship

Heesheng Lee, Bergen County Retired Educators Association Scholarship

Mingma Dorjee Sherpa, Moses Family Scholarship


Ridgefield Park

Sahrish Afzal, Verizon Scholarship

Ariana Basdeo, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Nicole De Lavalle, Lois E. Marshall Scholarship

Alexis Ortiz, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Kaisy Suarez Rojas, Michael J. Esposito Scholarship



Christina Brigliadoro, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Celine Santana Encarnacion, Traphagen Family Scholarship

Helen Witte, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship


River Edge

Hyangmok Baek, William M. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Julia Lane Sicat, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


River Vale

Un Yung Kim, Suez NJ Scholarship

Devi Nassor, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Hose Taguchi, Southpole Foundation Scholarship


Rochelle Park

Camila Abelaj, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship

Louma Hannawi, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Julissa Martinez, Dr. Richard Ciccone Scholarship for Study Abroad

Janelle Ortiz, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Fabiola Newman, Delta Dental of NJ Foundation Scholarship

Rafya Oskui, Ciarco Family Scholarship


Saddle Brook

Xuerou Chen, Suez NJ Scholarship



Patrick Dicanio, Dill Family Scholarship



Joshua Jiminez, Philip Begonja Memorial Scholarship

Maaidah Mohyuddin, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Jade Tollis, Dearheart Foundation Scholarship



Andres Giraldo, Jorge Blanco Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Suyeon Lee, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Shane Brunetti, Reverend Carnig Antranik Hallajian Endowed Scholarship



Gabriel Eduardo Sequera Silva, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Jemil Srejic, Stryker Orthopaedics Scholarship

Maciej Szajwaj, Theresa Romano Scholarship



Melody Morris, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


West New York

Jansy Escobar, Traphagen Family Scholarship


West Orange

Yusuf Bugra Cubuk, Moses Family Scholarship


Woodcliff Lake

Juan Andrade, Southpole Foundation Scholarship


Woodland Park

Katalina Escobar, Nick Anagnostakos Scholarship



Kristine Amels, Southpole Foundation Scholarship

Ilaria Cangialosi, Dr. Richard Ciccone Scholarship

Tyler Zamski, Visions FCU Endowed Technology Scholarship

Based in Paramus, Bergen Community College (www.bergen.edu), a public two-year coeducational college, enrolls more than 14,000 students at locations in Paramus, the Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center in Hackensack and Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands in Lyndhurst. The College offers associate degree, certificate and continuing education programs in a variety of fields. More students graduate from Bergen than any other community college in the state.

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