Theatre AFA

Concentrations: General Theatre, Acting
The Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) in Theatre concentrates student learning on theatre skills and knowledge, preparing students for further academic study of Theatre in either performance-based or technical-based areas – or both. The program will prepare them to compete a variety of theatre applications such as acting, directing, producing, stage management, lighting and scenic design and theatre education. Through applied and theoretical courses, students will develop the basic competencies of showmanship, knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, and analytic oral and written communication skills that potentially encompass a wide range of degree possibilities. The theatre course variety potentially includes performance, design, critical thinking and listening, and theoretical skill sets necessary for a pathway toward a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts.

Theatre AAS – Technical Theatre Production

Theatre Arts: Technical Theatre Production prepares a student with the basics in technical theatre. It is designed to offer a student the opportunity to learn set design, scenic art, lighting design, stage electrics, stage management and stage crew. This option will equip the student with a deeper knowledge in technical theatre so that they can either join the workforce or move onto a four-year institution where they can choose a specific area in technical theatre.