Why should I major in Women & Gender Studies?
Courses in the Women and Gender Studies Program introduce students to material and methodologies designed to develop and hone critical thinking and analytical talents. Women and Gender Studies coursework is varied, rigorous, and challenging. Students will learn to identify and interrogate the formation and perpetuation of social, economic, and political hierarchies that have their roots in gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, and nationality.

In earning a degree in Women and Gender Studies students develop a skill set that is in high demand in the rapidly changing private-sector job market: intellectual flexibility, critical thinking, clarity of expression, and sensitivity to nuances and diversity. These proficiencies are highly valued in the fields of social work, healthcare, education, social service, counseling, government, and the non-profit sector.

There are numerous opportunities for students pursuing a degree in Women and Gender Studies to get involved with campus-based organizations and events. The Women and Gender Studies Program supports the Women’s History Month committee’s annual program of events during the month of March, collaborates with the Honors Program to organize and host a student conference, and co-sponsors many of the events featured in the Literary Arts Series.

Degree Requirements
In earning an Associate’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies, students will meet the general criteria of the Liberal Arts Degree and complete two (2) electives in Women and Gender Studies. There are a variety of electives offered each semester which provides students the flexibility to select courses that not only spark their intellectual curiosity but also fit within their on-campus as well as off-campus commitments.

Which courses are offered and will they transfer?
All Women and Gender Studies courses can be taken as part of the General Education curriculum and/or to fulfill the BCC diversity requirement. Included is a list of courses regularly offered. Students are encouraged to consult the current catalogue for specific times and locations. Please see www.njtrasfer.org to research your target college and determine the transferability of your BCC courses. Students interested in pursuing a degree in Women and Gender studies are encouraged to contact the Advising Office (A-118) to set up a meeting with a trained academic advisor to plan a course of study. In addition, each semester the campus offers a “transfer seminar” for those seeking to transfer to four-year institutions.

I’m interested! How do I learn more?
For more detailed information about pursuing a degree in Women and Gender Studies, contact the program coordinator, Christine Eubank, PhD at ceubank@bergen.edu