Why has Bergen Community College opened a new campus location at the Meadowlands?

Bergen Community College opened a new campus in the Meadowlands to expand its educational resources to the southern part of Bergen County and support state and local economic development initiatives.The College recently purchased the Lyndhurst facility at 1280 Wall Street West, Lyndhurst, and is in the process of renovation.

What kind of courses will Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands offer students?

The mission of Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands is to work in collaboration with the community and businesses to provide educational resources and job training initiatives to help students reap the benefits of the region’s service-sector economy. The College also provides customized training services to support the workforce development needs of businesses.

The College offers many credit bearing courses for all degree programs including math, english, communications, sciences, languages, social sciences and humanities as well as many other options.

If I have already enrolled in classes at the Paramus campus can I still take classes at the Lyndhurst facility?

You can take classes at both facilities.

Is there bus transportation available between the College’s Paramus campus and the Meadowlands?

Beginning October 2013 the Bergen Community College Shuttle began serving the Paramus and Lyndhurst locations. The County of Bergen is running the service every half hour between the 2 locations starting at 7:00 am until 8:30 pm. The shuttle picks up in the Pitkin circle in Paramus and the parking lot entrance in Lyndhurst. Please see either campus for more information.

Is there be a cafeteria on-site at the Lyndhurst facility?

Gourmet Dining has cafeteria service on the 3rd floor serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also vending machines on the 1st and 3rd Floors.

Is the Lyndhurst facility handicap accessible?

Yes, the building is compliant with disability requirements

Is parking available at the Lyndhurst building?

Yes, parking is available to students, professors and staff. Please fill out a motor vehicle registration form with the College’s Public Safety Department at either the Pitkin Center in Paramus or the Meadowlands location. The decal should be permanently affixed to the motor vehicle in accordance with existing regulations.