1. PLA is a process designed to award credit towards a degree or certificate by recognizing college-level learning that combines experience, theory and practice.
  2. Course credit is awarded only when the prior learning experience is comparable to a BCC academic course. The webpage Syllabi Central  is a departmental listing of syllabi including course descriptions and course learning outcomes for each BCC credit bearing course.
  3. Students applying for credit by PLA must be enrolled in a BCC academic program.
  4. The maximum amount of PLA credit that may be awarded is consistent with the BCC transfer policy, i.e. 45 credits into a degree program, 18 credits into a certificate program.
  5. Course credit is awarded on a BCC transcript and contributes to the fulfillment of BCC graduation requirements.
  6. PLA credits are intended for use towards career and technical programs.  Other academic institutions are not obligated to accept credit earned through BCC’s PLA program.  If you intend to transfer from BCC to a 4 year institution, it is the student’s responsibility to check with the transfer institution before pursuing the PLA process.