How work study can benefit you/your department: 

Federal Work Study has qualified Work-Study students immediately available to work in your department at no cost to you.

There is no cost to your department since work-study salaries are paid through a federal allocation to the College. Departments simply agree to provide suitable employment and supervision and a work schedule that does not conflict with the student’s classes. Additionally, supervisors must agree to monitor hours worked and certify the student’s time sheet every two weeks.

Students Who Qualify: 

In order for students to obtain a work study they must first be awarded work study through FAFSA. When students apply for federal aid they are given the opportunity to earn money while working on campus for departments like you. 

  • Students must have financial aid
  • Students must qualify for the federal work study program 
    • If students do not have federal work study they can request it at the financial aid office 
  • Students must be in good academic standing
  • Students must be taking a minimum of six credits 

How to obtain work study employees:

Career services has many students interested in work study positions looking for jobs on campus that can help them grow and gain experience in a field they are passionate about. 

To request one or more students, please contact [email protected] or fill out this google form. Please ensure to fill out all fields and make sure to provide a detailed job description in the designated field.

  • Departments must interview students and give students a real hiring process. Remember we strive to give our students real life experiences and allow them to use this as an opportunity to gain experience and build their resume. 
  • Department must discuss responsibilities and expectations for students (job requirements, dress code, etc)

Steps for Students

  • Students must be advised by Louie Aguilera on available jobs, expectations, and on campus employment requirements. 
    • To meet with Louie Aguilera, students will need to grab a ticket for FWS at the one stop. 
  • Students must fill out work eligibility forms (1-9. W-4, work study applications) 
  • Once all documents are gathered by Louie Aguilera, students will receive a signed ready to work card and return the card to their supervisor.

Student and Supervisor Procedure for Submitting Timesheets

  • The student must accurately record hours worked and present the time sheets on a weekly basis to the Supervisor for approval.
  • The Supervisor is responsible for delivering the time sheets to the Financial Aid office in a timely manner. Please provide the Career and Transfer Services Office with the name & contact information for a secondary approved Supervisor. Off campus time sheets must be delivered to Career and Workforce Development Center by the agreed due dates (Payroll Schedules are available in the Office of Financial Aid, Payroll Office, and the Career and Workforce Development Center).
  • Students can work up to 20 hours per week. 
  • Both student and supervisor signatures and date MUST be present in order for the timesheets to be processed.
  • Timesheets are required to be submitted every two weeks, but no later than 1 month of time worked (mandatory Federal Regulations).
  • Students will no longer be permitted to change FWS assignments during a semester without written approvals from Career and Workforce Development Center and Financial Aid Office.