Adjunct Faculty Development

The AFDP is a chance to participate in workshops, strengthen your teaching skills, meet other BCC faculty, and earn recognition and compensation for your efforts. Through workshops, both on-campus and online, the program is an opportunity for you to engage with others around important and useful topics.

AFDP Activities approved for Fall 2018

AFDP Online (To access go to

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Grading and Feedback
  4. Student Engagement
  5. Universal Design

CITL Workshops – To register go to

  1. Build Skills – Go Crazy with Word & PowerPoint
  2. Building Critical Thinking by Giving Choices
  3. Deliberative Dialogue for Active Participation
  4. Designing Rubrics to Assess Student Learning
  5. EL: Assessing Service Learning Projects
  6. EL: Bring Service Learning to Your Class
  7. EL: Getting Started with Service Learning
  8. EL: Project Based Learning
  9. Google: It’s More Than Email….Learn Google Voice
  10. Grammerly On the Go – TechByte20
  11. Innovative Approach to Critical Reading
  12. iPad: Create Interactive Whiteboard Video Lessons
  13. iPad: Engage Assess & Personalize Using Socrative
  14. Manage Bergen’s Webmail – TechByte20
  15. Moodle Tips and Tricks
  16. Moodle: Assignment Activities
  17. Moodle: Attendance Tool
  18. Moodle: Audio Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Using VoiceThread
  19. Moodle: Can You Hear It Now
  20. Moodle: Forum Discussions
  21. Moodle: Getting Started – TechByte20
  22. Moodle: Give a Voice to your e-Materials
  23. Moodle: Gradebook
  24. Moodle: Journal Tool
  25. Moodle: Respondus to Create Exams
  26. Moodle: Rubrics, Marking Guides & Checklists
  27. Moodle: Using Chat – TechByte20
  28. Moodle: VoiceThread Basics
  29. Moodle: Web Enhance Your Course
  30. Prezi: Presentations Evolved
  31. Publishing Your Own E-Book
  32. SOTL: Electronic Databases
  33. SOTL: Getting Started
  34. SOTL: Planning Projects
  35. SOTL: Qualitative Research
  36. SOTL: Writing for the BCC Journal of Scholarly Teaching
  37. Transform Textual Lessons to Visual Stories
  38. Virtual Meeting: Adobe Connect
  39. Virtual Meeting: Google Hangouts
  40. Virtual Meeting: Zoom
  41. Windows: Snipping Tool – TechByte20
  42. Word: Citation Formatting Tips & Tricks
  43. Word: Images, Shapes, SmartArt

Center for Institutional Effectiveness

  • Assessment 101
  • Backward Design


  • Navigating the Library Collection Using the New WMS
  • Navigating the Library’s Electronic Collection II – Advanced Searching
  • OER Resources: How to Find and Evaluate Them


  • Create Accessible Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Documents
  • Universal Design for Inclusive Lectures & Presentations

iESL: Integrated Linguistic and Academic Skills for College Success – Faculty Seminars on Pedagogy and Practice in ESL

New Adjunct Orientation – For faculty in their first semester at Meadowland Campus 8/25

INF-101/114 Workshop – 8/30 1:00pm-4:00pm

Tutoring Center

Writing in Disciplines – One-on-one hour consultation to adjunct faculty of any subject who are interested in using writing in their class but need support. Appointments must be scheduled through the front desk at the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center in L-125, (201) 879-7489

Wrap Sessions – Writing, Reading, & Pedagogy – 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/29, 12/6, 12/13

AFDP Activities approved for Summer 2018

AFDP Online (To access go to

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Grading and Feedback
  4. Student Engagement
  5. Universal Design

CITL Workshops – To register go to

  1. Fostering Self-regulated Learning Skills Through Online Course Design
  2. Moodle: Assignment Activities
  3. Moodle: Attendance Tool
  4. Moodle: Forum Discussions
  5. Moodle: Grade Book
  6. Moodle: Respondus to Create Exams
  7. Moodle: Tips and Tricks
  8. Small Teaching: Core Principles for Building an Effective Learning Experience
  9. Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Course
  10. Web Enhance Your Course

Online webinars

  • What’s the Secret to Creating Classroom Discussions That Work? 8/3/18 2-3pm Sign Up
  • Brain-Based Teaching and Learning 8/9/18 2-3pm Sign Up
  • Integrating Current Events Into Any College Course 8/30/18 2-3pm Sign Up

World Languages (French) – Connect Orientation, 8/30