Brock L. Fisher, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs


When defining faculty development, the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education usefully views faculty members in three major roles: teacher, scholar/professional, and person. The best faculty development programs provide for development for faculty in all three roles. My immediate predecessor sought to create a well-rounded faculty development program at BCC, which included developing a more inclusive program for our Adjunct faculty. The Adjunct Faculty Development Program (AFDP) is a positive step in that direction.

The AFDP is a chance to participate in workshops, strengthen your teaching skills, meet other Bergen Community College faculty, and earn recognition and compensation for your efforts. Through workshops, both on campus and online, the program is an opportunity for you to engage with others around important, valuable topics. Please join our professional community of educators as we continue to explore ways to address common pedagogical and professional concerns.


Each Academic year, the AFDP permits you to accumulate hours of professional development, leading to a certificate and a stipend.  Participants who complete 10 hours of approved instruction will receive a stipend of $250.00.

Instructions for Submitting Proof of Attendance

When attending in-person workshops, sign in, as this is proof of your attendance.  Without proof of attendance, you will not receive credit.  After attending the number of required AFDP workshops, please print the form and take it to room C102 for the Dean of Adjunct Administrations’ signature.

To print the form, follow the steps below:

  1. Access
  2. Click on Faculty Forms
  3. Go to MyCITL Workshops
  4. Click on Continuing Education
  5. Click on Continuing Education Summary
  6. Click Here for the Printable Version
  7. Print the Form

AFDP List of Activities

Each semester, on-campus Bergen Community College events and activities are designated as approved for the program. Approval for AFDP is indicated in the CITL Workshops Calendar and in Faculty Development Committee emails announcing upcoming events. A list of activities for the AFDP will be made available each semester. Look for the seal confirming AFDP approval.  Additional opportunities will be added as more training events are offered.

To register, visit




Amarjit Kaur, Ed.D., Managing Director, CITL

Deborah Manning, Ed.D., Dean Adjunct Administration

Carol Miele, Ed.D., Professor, ESL and World Languages

Joan Dalrymple, Associate Professor, Faculty Development Committee Co-Chair

Joanna Campbell, Professor, Faculty Development Committee Co-Chair