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The Career Pathway Credentialing Courses are open enrollment and available through The Division of Continuing Education. Courses are also eligible for dual-enrollment or as shared time programs for interested school districts. Modifications to course timelines can be explored to better fit a district’s schedule. Course options include the following:

  • Certified Logistics Associate
  • Child Development Associate
  • Dietary Aide
  • Hospitality for Guest Service Professionals
  • Office Assistant with Electronic Records Management

About the Courses
Office Assistant with Electronic Records Management – 60 Hours, 15 Weeks

Explores clerical skills for the office environment and focuses on communication training, customer service for the office professional, keyboarding for data-entry, document processing and electronic records management.

Dietary Aide – 60 Hours, 15 Weeks
Provides knowledge of the health professional environment, safe food handling, principles of nutrition and customer care to prepare for jobs as nutrition assistants and dietary aides.

Hospitality for Guest Service Professionals – 60 Hours, 15 Weeks
Explores industry fundamentals, customer focus, selling, communication with focus on various roles in the hospitality sector including safe food handling, serving and front desk reception.

Child Development Associate – 125 Hours, 25 Weeks
15-lesson modules required by the CDA Council for CDA certification that will prepare an individual for caring and monitoring children ages infant to five years old.

Certified Logistics Associate – 60 Hours, 15 Weeks
Provides foundational knowledge of supply chain logistics and covers Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to prepare for careers in distribution, package handling and production.

Development of these Courses
These courses were developed to explore foundational knowledge in career areas while providing the opportunity to earn credentials from NJ’s industry-valued list. The courses provide an option if you are a high school graduate seeking skills for employment, are currently attending high school or a transition program and looking for industry specific career skills. Students attending the Turning Point Program at Bergen Community College choose one of these courses as a requirement for program completion.

About the Extended Instruction Option
The Extended Instruction add-on that pairs with each career pathway course is an optional 30 to 50 hours of class time if you feel you will benefit from more time with the instructor learning the content and preparing for the certifications offered in the Career Pathway Course of your choice. The add-on includes a 22-hour Career Prep Workshop that covers developing a professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, the job application process and interview techniques. Enrollment includes an orientation prior to the course start date.

The Career Pathway Credentialing Courses are not modified. If you had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in high school that included the accommodation of modified coursework, you may want to consider this option to be successful in the course and to prepare for certification exams.

How to Register
The Career Pathway Courses with Extended Instruction are included in Turning Point’s two-year curriculum.  For those looking to take a Career Pathway Course who are not enrolled in the Turning Point Program: