Curriculum specifically modified for the Turning Point Program is normed for the third through fifth [3rd – 5th) grade equivalencies.

The material for Career Pathway Credentialing Courses and general college level electives are not modified.

The Turning Point program is not a bridge to general enrollment in the College. If you have a student interested in a degree program at the College, who needs some assistance ‘onboarding’ into the college experience, Turning Point is not the correct program for this student.  The purpose of taking electives as part of the program is to promote lifelong learning and pursue interests.  We strongly discourage students from taking the elective courses for credit.  The rigorous requirements of a college level course taken for a grade can produce significant stress and jeopardize the student’s progress in the other key areas of the program.

Mentoring Support Expectations

Any student who needs significant redirection and prompting from a classroom assistant, and who is not self-directed in completing academic coursework, will not meet the criteria for the program.
Turning Point provides Enhanced Support to assist students while navigating the Career Pathway Credentialing Courses which includes extended instruction and tutoring.
Peer mentoring  service is offered with certain limitations as described below:

  • Turning Point (TP) program peer mentors are Bergen Community College students who have a 3.0 GPA or better and have been selected and trained to support students in their coursework and socially.
  • TP peer mentors are not paraprofessionals.
  • TP peer mentors are not trained tutors.

Services not Offered

  • Turning Point program does not provide transportation to and from the program;
  • Turning Point program does not provide any Occupational or Speech Therapies.

If a student requires these services, Turning Point is not the correct program for this student.

Turning Point Program Outcomes

  • Students will leave the program with the following:
    • Certificate of Completion from the Division of Continuing Education for program completion.
    • Certificate of Completion for Career Pathway Credentialing Courses taken.
    • The opportunity for students to earn industry-valued credentials.
    • Continued support with career placement until the employment goal is met.
    • Continued career services.