Liangy GomerezBergen Community College student, Liangy Gomerez, is studying business administration to pursue the dream of opening up a gym clothing line and creating a women’s soccer team program. Gomerez, an athlete for women’s soccer and basketball, is the president of Bergen Pride and the director of recruitment for Phi Theta Kappa.

“Getting out of my comfort zone has really helped me to evolve into a successful student at Bergen,” said Gomerez. “If it wasn’t for the times I spoke out, the leadership roles I took on, the events I participated in, and of course, the people who have made this possible- I wouldn’t be who I am as of now.”

“I chose Bergen because of the opportunities to earn professional certificates, the diversity within the student body and staff, and most importantly, greater flexibility,” said Gomerez who expects to graduate this Spring 2023.


Liangy GomerezLiangy Gomerez