Teaching Practices and Curriculum (Teaching Practices and Curriculum):

  • To follow tenets of “developmentally appropriate practice” in every program aspect.
  • To facilitate a variety of learning experiences through a curriculum that fosters discovery,creativity and experimentation with an emphasis on critical thinking.
  • To introduce children to basic concepts in math, science, social studies, language arts and the creative arts through the use of learning centers.
  • To allow children to learn through the medium of play and hands on experiences. 

  • To provide opportunities for the development and use of oral language.
  • To introduce the use of computer technology.
  • To expose children to books and other media that are multicultural.
  • To facilitate opportunities for expanded understandings of the many cultures represented at the CDC.
  • To help both parents and children understand the nutritional benefits of natural foods.
  • To provide opportunities for exercise on our playground and campus grounds.
  • To help children acquire firsthand, multi-sensory knowledge of the natural world through gardening experiences, nature walks and wildlife observations.