Tuition and Fees

All students on non-immigrant visas are charged out-of-county tuition.
Please review Residency Requirements for additional information.

Certain classes meet for more “contact hours” than their credit value.
If the number of hours exceeds the number of credits, an additional course fee of $75.00 is charged for each unit of difference up to a maximum of $525.00 per course.

For additional information regarding  academic policies and fees, feel free to refer to the current
Academic Catalog and the  registration information & calendar.

Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018

Notes: Tuition Rates and Fees for 2017-2018 Academic Year are applicable for Summer II 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018, Summer I 2018, and Summer U 2018.


Tuition and Fees for 2016-2017

Notes: Tuition Rates and Fees for 2016-2017 Academic Year are applicable for  Summer I 2017, Summer U 2017, Spring 2017, Winter 2017, Fall 2016, and Summer II 2016.


Tuition and Fees for PREVIOUS Academic Years

To access the tuition rates and fees information for the previous academic years (from AY2011-2012 to  AY 2015-2016) feel free to refer to the below resources.


Tuition Waiver Information

Some students, including senior citizen, unemployed, National Guard, volunteer fire, first aid & rescue squad members & families, and Bergen County employees, may be eligible for tuition-free enrollment.

Detailed information about eligibility, tuition or fees coverage  is accessible under Registration Center /Tuition Waiver Registration Information.