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Refunds Guidelines

Refunds are based on the official start date of each semester and the date the student officially withdraws from class.
Refunds are made available to students by electronic/direct deposit or by checks.
More information on refunds guidelines and eligibility criteria can be found in the Academic Catalog ( www.bergen.edu/catalog ) under the “Enrollment Services>Tuition and Fees” content section.

Electronic Refund Payment Instructions

The electronic refund payment option allows students to access the available funds faster.
The electronic refund payment service is administered by Bergen Community College.
To be able to  use the electronic refund payment option, the student will need an active bank account.
To set the up the account, students need use the Bergen Student Portal/Self Service:

Student Portal (my.bergen.edu)> Student Finance/Payments >Financial Information >Banking Information > Add an Account > Enter Bank Information.

  • Reference material/handout: For step-by- step electronic refund payment instructions, feel free to review the Electronic Refund Payment Instructions Postcard/Flyer (PDF)
  • Notes/Terms and Conditions: After entering the bank information, you must agree to the terms and conditions before you click “Submit.

Tuition Refunds Schedule/Calendar

The actual refunds dates are published each semester in the Registration and Academic Calendar under the “Tuition Refunds Dates” content section.
To access specific details about the tuition refunds dates, please follow below links.

Current and Upcoming Semesters

Previous Semesters