The 2018 edition of the Program Dashboards offers another step in the evolution of this seven-year data project. For the past six iterations of the Dashboards, data has only been reported at the program code level. For example, the Psychology Program Dashboard was constructed using only the students in the AA.LA.PSY program code.

This year, for the first time, dashboards were made by rolling program codes up one level. Nine experimental dashboards were created for Program Units. Instead of just reporting on each individual program code in the Liberal Arts area (AA.LA.CINST, AA.LA.COMM, etc.), a dashboard was created that combined every code that started with AA.LA.-. This dashboard shows data for all the students under the Liberal Arts Program Unit. The introduction of these dashboards will help to identify data trends and lend perspective at a higher level.

Program Units

Associate of Art

Liberal Arts

Fine and Performing Arts


Associate of Science

Natural Science and Math

Engineering Science

Professional Studies


Associate of Fine Arts



Associate of Applied Science



Business Technology

Health Professions

Human Services

Industrial Design Technology

Information Technology


Science and Technology

Software Development




Certificates of Achievement