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The Fall 2017 Program Dashboards were developed and prepared using Institutional Research’s new Blackboard Analytics Data Warehouse. Both the form and content of the Dashboards changed when the preparation process was moved from Excel to Blackboard. Some charts have been changed to better represent the data in them. For instance, the Registration Status chart has been changed from a pie chart to a bar graph to better show the differences between each registration type. The Enrollment and Credits Attempted charts have been expanded to include four years of enrollment data instead of three.

In addition to these form changes, the data underlying the Dashboards has also changed. The Data Warehouse does not look at 10th day numbers, but instead looks at enrollment as of the date on which the report was run. This allows IR to present a more accurate picture of enrollment, credits and retention. However, it also means that the Dashboards will no longer match other reports (such as the Fact Book, Brochure, and Data Box Report) that rely on 10th day numbers.

Starting in 2014, the Dashboards for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiation Therapy Technology, Paramedic Science, Medical Office Assistant, Nursing, Surgical Technology, Respiratory Care, Radiography, and Dental Hygiene were altered to better fit their program outcomes and goals. These dashboards include information relating to retention in the program, as opposed to Bergen retention overall, and board examination results.

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