Cooperative Education is a unique educational program which formally integrates academic learning with “real world” work experience. Students have the opportunity to apply classroom learning to professional employment directly related to their major and career goals. Students attend a weekly seminar on campus. Academic credit is awarded for all co-op experiences.

What Are The Benefits To Students?

  • To provide an opportunity to gain solid work experience while going to school.
  • To gain academic credit toward graduation.
  • To provide pre-professional experience to build your resume.
  • To begin developing a network of professional contacts that will prove helpful over the course of your career.
  • To increase self-confidence and success at school and at work.
  • To develop employment skills such as resume writing and interviewing skills.

How Can You Get Started?

  • Attend a co-op information session
    Co-Op Information Session  Date/Time Rooms
    February 2/29 1:30 -2:30 p.m. A-104
    March 3/5 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

    3/6 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. 



    April  4/23 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.  Virtual 


  • To schedule a co-op appointment, use this link. Click “Get on line from anywhere OR make an appointment”, then click “Book an Appointment”, then click “Paramus Student Services”, then click “Advising Appointments”. Select the available co-op advisor and the time available that works best for you. Lastly, fill out your student information and confirm your selection. You will be sent an email about your appointment and a reminder email before your appointment.
  • Career appointments are NOT available two weeks prior to the start of Fall 1, Summer 1, or Spring 1 semesters.
  • Co-op placement must be secured in order to register for the Co-op class. Co-op requires internship hours and weekly co-op courses.

Notes: Current employment (if related to major/academic program) may also be considered for academic credit.

Please note, students may not use current full-time or part-time positions as co-op placements unless it can be demonstrated that responsibilities will increase and with supervisor approval. 

Students must be in good academic standing to complete a co-op. 

Cooperative Education Forms

Cooperative Education Courses

Course Code


Minimum Hours



ACC-292 2 179 Hours ACC-210
ACC-293 3 225 Hours ACC-210


ART-272 2 120 Hours ART-260
ART-273 3 180 Hours ART-260

Banking and Finance

BNF-292 2 120 Hours ACC-101
BNF-293 3 225 Hours BNF-101, BNF-102, and BNF-203


BUS-283 3 180 Hours BUS-268
BUS-284 4 240 Hours BUS-268
BUS-293 3 225 Hours BUS-201 or BUS-202 or BUS-207 or BUS-208
BUS-294 4 240 Hours BUS-268


COM-281 1 60 Hours COM-201
COM-282 2 120 Hours COM-201
COM-283 3 180 Hours COM-201
COM-291 1 60 Hours COM-105 or COM-106
COM-292 2 120 Hours COM-105 or COM-106
COM-293 3 180 Hours COM-105 or COM-106
COM-294 4 240 Hours COM-105 or COM-106

Criminal Justice

CRJ-283 3 180 Hours CRJ-125
CRJ-291 1 60 Hours CRJ-101
CRJ-292 2 120 Hours CRJ-101
CRJ-293 3 180 Hours CRJ-101

Drafting and Design

DFT-291 1 60 Hours DFT-207
DFT-292 2 120 Hours DFT-207
DFT-293 3 180 Hours DFT-207


ECO-291 1 60 Hours ECO-201
ECO-292 2 120 Hours ECO-201
ECO-293 3 180 Hours ECO-201


HIS-291 1 60 Hours 1 course from History
HIS-292 2 120 Hours 1 course from History
HIS-293 3 180 Hours 1 course from History

Information Technology

INF-291 1 60 Hours INF-101
INF-292 2 120 Hours INF-101
INF-293 3 180 Hours INF-101
INF-294 3 240 Hours INF-101

Interdisciplinary Studies

IST-281 1 60 Hours No prerequisites
IST-282 2 120 Hours No prerequisites
IST-283 3 180 Hours No prerequisites
IST-284 3 240 Hours No prerequisites

Legal Studies

LGL-292 3 180 Hours LGL-101, LGL-103, LGL-202, LGL-205, LGL-208, LGL-220, and WRT-101

*Student must receive a grade of “C” or better in these courses*

Manufacturing Technology

MFG-293 3 180 Hours No prerequisites
MFG-294 4 240 Hours No prerequisites


MUS-292 2 120 Hours MUS-252 or MUS-261
MUS-293 3 180 Hours MUS-252 or MUS-261
MUS-294 4 240 Hours MUS-252 or MUS-261

Political Science

POL-291 1 60 Hours 2 courses in Political Science
POL-292 2 120 Hours 2 courses in Political Science
POL-293 3 180 Hours 2 courses in Political Science


PSY-291 1 60 Hours PSY-101
PSY-292 2 120 Hours PSY-101
PSY-293 3 180 Hours PSY-101


SOC-291 1 60 Hours SOC-101
SOC-292 2 120 Hours SOC-101
SOC-293 3 180 Hours SOC-101


THR-294 4 240 Hours No prerequisites

Wellness and Exercise

WEX-281 1 60 Hours WEX-164 and WEX-183
WEX-283 3 180 Hours WEX-127

*Co-Op Education course listing last revised 05/2021-