Law, public safety, corrections, and security workers are employed in a variety of community and agency settings. For example, you might safeguard the public and enforce the law as a police officer or security guard or, you might safeguard pets, wildlife and livestock providing animal protection as an Animal Control Officer.

All of these careers are designed to uphold the law and protect people and property. A career in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security is a good match for someone that is up for a physical and mental challenge. It’s a career field that is looking for people that possess a wide range of skills including problem-solving, negotiations, good decision-making, and crisis management and in return, you get a rewarding career that offers incredible variety and provides plenty of opportunities to pursue the specialties that interest you.

Animal Control Officer
The Animal Control Officer (ACO) course is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health for state certification.  Over the course of seven Saturdays, students will have the opportunity to be taught by, interact with, and build relationships with the foremost experts in the State of New Jersey regarding animal control and animal welfare.

Anyone interested in animal welfare personally or as a profession may and should attend.  This includes kennel managers and staff, shelter workers, rescue group personnel, volunteers, and those seeking a rewarding career in animal control.  There is no requirement for prior experience or training to attend this course.  Completion of the course requires attendance at all classes.

Successful completion of this course meets the requirements of the N.J.A.C. 8:23A-2.2 for appointment as an ACO by a New Jersey Municipality.  Additionally, this is the only Certified ACO course whose graduates receive certification by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute for Pet First Aid and Incident Command Systems 100 and National Incident Management 700 by the National Wildlife Fire Coordinating Group.

In addition to the classroom component, students will arrange for and complete a 20-hour field training component in order to receive certification.

N.J. Licensed Private Investigator 


  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have at least 5 years of experience as an investigator or police officer with a local or state police department or with an investigative agency for a county, city, state or federal organization.

Steps to becoming a New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements
  2. Obtain a complete set of fingerprints
  3. Apply for a license as a New Jersey Private Investigator.  Bergen Community College offers a course, CD-169  Professional Investigator Certificate Program that facilitates the process of obtaining the necessary experience required for licensure as a private investigator in New Jersey.
  4. Pursue work in New Jersey

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in the State of New Jersey


  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a United States citizen or legal alien with a valid social security number
  • provide your previous employers for the past five years
  • complete a background check and submit to fingerprinting
  • have not been convicted for disqualifying crimes or misdemeanors

Steps to becoming a Licensed Security Guard

  1. Complete an application to become a licensed security guard with the New Jersey State Police.  You will have to pay a $75 fee at the time you complete the application.
  2. Once your application has been approved, you have 30 days to complete the New Jersey security guard training program and pass a certification test. Bergen Community College offers this required training program, CD-562 Security Officers Registration Act.  
  3. During this time, you must also get fingerprinted.  The State of New Jersey recommends you allow two to three weeks for the fingerprinting process.  
  4. Begin working as a licensed security guard after you receive the certification card in the mail.  

Your Security Officer Certification is good for a period of two years at which time a renewal application must be completed, prior to the expiration of your certification.  If you let your license expire, unfortunately, you will have to repeat the mandatory 24 hour SORA training course as if you were applying as a new applicant.  Bergen Community College offers the required 8-hour recertification course, ME-521 Security Officers Recertification.  The renewal fee of $80.20 is paid directly to the New Jersey State Police and is not included in the tuition fee.

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