February 7, 2023- Virtual Open House


Manufacturing is another growing industry and is no longer just about making products. As technology continues to advance, students that obtain a professional certification in manufacturing will be able to take advantage of these new opportunities and increase their potential for a higher salary. Bergen Community College offers four certification training programs in Manufacturing and Logistics. Each of these programs is designed to prepare our students for entry-level positions in these fast-growing fields, and we provide job placement assistance as part of our program. Bergen Community College has strong relationships with industry partners because of our reputation for delivering qualified candidates.


E-commerce companies have set new standards for fast delivery to customers. Online shoppers have come to expect two-day shipping on most of their deliveries. To keep up with these logistics trends, companies are expanding their distribution centers, warehouses, and their use of technology in the logistics process. This increase in demand for fast and efficient deliveries provides manufacturing and logistics professionals exciting employment opportunities. Candidates who earn a certificate credential in logistics are recognized as experts with a high level of skill, therefore increasing their earning potential.

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