The Interior Design Certificate program at Bergen Community College, Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development, offers students the necessary credentials, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience to earn their professional certification in interior design. Students receive individualized support and training from experienced faculty, professional designers and industry experts, who provide the technical skills to translate abstract concepts into three-dimensional reality. The Interior Design Certificate requires the successful completion of eight core courses listed below.

It is recommended that students take CD-331 Principles of Interior Design as the first course and CD-332 Visual Concepts as the final course. Please refer to the suggested course sequence below. Students completing this program will have the opportunity to shop and use the Decorator’s Exchange with a discount.

Suggested course sequence

First Semester
CD 331 | Principles of Interior Design (First course)
CD 349 | Interior, Materials, Finishes, & Sources

Second Semester
CD 338 | Basic Drafting
CD 417 | History of Decorative Arts

Third Semester
CD 330 | Color for Interiors
CD 354 | Interior Lighting

Fourth Semester
CD 341 | Business Procedures for the Interior Designer
CD 332 | Visual Concepts (Final course)

Our program is approved for the Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification (RIDQC) and Exam. Students who successfully complete our eight (8) required courses and receive the Certificate in Interior Design can take the RIDQC exam to be a Residential Interior Designer certified by Designer Society of America (DSA). RIDQC Certification logo

With this designation, benefits for our students include:

  • A waiver for Part 2 of the RIDQC Exam. Please note, the RIDQC exam consists of two parts: Part 1 is comprised of multiple choice and essay questions about design fundamentals, textiles, materials, furniture staples, and business procedure; Part 2 is for the Practical Design Program designed to determine students ability to create a floor plan, a schedule for furnishings, a plan for lighting, and presentation. The content of the Bergen Community College Program allows students to become certified by passing only Part 1 of the RIDQC Exam.
  • Reduced cost of the exam: Our students pay $595 for the exam, reduced significantly from the original costs $1,895.
  • One free year of DSA membership which is a value of $295: If our students renew their membership, the annual fee is reduced to $96, with a Certified Residential Interior Design status. Membership is optional.

Students need to email DSA directly at [email protected] to take the exam and provide eight (8) course certificates and the certificate in Interior Design for the reduced purchase.

Designer Society of America (DSA)  Designer Society of America logo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (866) 511-6934

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Additional courses available in Digital Interior Design
Although not required, students in the Interior Design Program are welcome to enroll in the following Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Courses. By doing so, students will learn how to design using technology.

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