Construction Management is one of the fastest growing industries with a variety of jobs across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Construction Management offers a promising career outlook given the anticipated growth in the industry and the shortage of skilled workers. We have courses for beginners looking to get into the construction industry and for seasoned professionals looking to add skills. For adult students, a high school diploma, or High School Equivalency is required. High school students age 16 and older can attend with parental approval.  No transcripts, grade reports, SAT, ACT or other standardized exams are needed. Some courses require prerequisite skills or classroom experience. If you have not taken the prerequisite courses but believe you have the field experience to successfully complete a course, please contact 201-447-7488 and we can assess your pre-existing knowledge and skills for placement into a class.

Individual Courses and Certifications
Students can sign up for individual courses or complete one of our five certificate programs. Certificate programs combine our individual courses in one particular area of study and students are eligible to earn nationally recognized credentials upon completion. Certificate programs are an alternative to a lengthier undergraduate program and offer students the opportunity to master a particular skill. This allows you to complete a certificate in a shorter period of time, typically about a year or less. In some cases, college credits earned in certificate programs can be applied to degree programs if you decide to continue your education. If you are interested in changing careers or if you don’t have a degree, a certificate program is an excellent way of completing occupational training. If you already have a college degree, certificate programs are a great way of gaining knowledge in your field.

Many of our courses and certificate programs are offered during evenings and weekends to accommodate the schedule of working professionals and non-traditional students.  Additionally, some courses and certificate programs are offered entirely online allowing students to work around their busy schedules.  A completely online certificate will be available as of Spring 2022.


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Construction Management Spring 2022 Calendar

Construction Management Certificate Programs:

Certificate in Construction Document Technology and Commercial Construction Management

Certificate in Construction Document Technology and Field Construction Management

Certificate in Construction Management

Certificate in Construction Management: Sustainability Specialization

Certificate in Construction & Project Management

Certificate in Construction Project Estimating

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Additional Self-Paced Courses: