Residency Requirements

According to the regulations of the Bergen Community College Board of Trustees and the State of New Jersey, tuition charges are determined by the student’s permanent place of residency.

To be considered a resident of Bergen County:

  • You must show proof of having a permanent residence in the county
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

All students on non-immigrant visas are charged the Visa/Out-of-County tuition rate.

When Do You Prove Residency?

A first time student should prove residency at the time your student record is created prior to registering for classes.

A continuing student does not need to prove residency unless your address has changed in which case you should prove residency before the start of the semester. Once the semester has begun, proof of residency can be submitted for the subsequent semester; however, tuition charges will not be adjusted for the current term.

How Do You Prove Residency?

Submit to the Office of Enrollment Services (Registration Center, Room A-129, Pitkin Education Center) at least two of the following documents:

  • A copy of your driver’s license/permit
  • W-2 tax return
  • A recent tax, water, or utility bill
  • A copy of a current lease or deed
  • NJ-DMV non-driver ID

If an independent student
: A copy of the most current and previous year’s New Jersey 1040 Income Tax form

If a dependent student: A copy of the parents’ or legal guardian’s current and previous year’s New Jersey 1040 Income Tax form

All students on non-immigrant visas are charged at a non-immigrant visa rate, which is equivalent to the out-of-county rate. All students will be asked to submit evidence of residency. Online applicants who cannot bring required proof in person may fax a copy of required documents to the Admissions and Registration Office at (201) 670-7973. Name, address, telephone number and student’s college ID number should be included on all faxes. The College reserves the right to request to see original documents.