Waitlist allows students to enter closed sections. You can waitlist classes via Webadvisor account by selecting “Waitlist” instead of “Register.

How it Works

If a student who is already in a closed section drops it, they will get an opportunity to enter the class depending on their rank in the waitlist. Students can see their rank under “Manage my waitlist” link on their Webadvisor account.

When a student drops a class you will receive an automated message to your email address granting you permission to enter the class. To claim the seat log in to Web advisor/portal and select “Manage my waitlist”. You should now see “permission” in front of the class you waitlisted. Click register to enter the class.
Please note that you have only 24 hours to respond to the automated message. If you fail to respond the opening spot will be offered to the student after you.

If you have any holds on your account, you may not be able to register online via Webadvisor. If you miss the deadline due to this reason you will have to re-waitlist the class.