The Office of Health Services provides first-aid and emergency medical care for all members of the campus community. Licensed Registered Nurses staff the office, located in HS-100, Pitkin Education Center. Students, staff and faculty seek our assistance with a wide range of medical conditions including sprains, strains, burns, diabetes and blood pressure monitoring, as well as injuries incurred both on and off campus. We also respond to medical emergencies on campus, including seizures, fainting, chest pain, accidents and injuries. RN staff stabilizes the seriously ill and arranges for emergency ambulance transport to area hospitals.

Health Services also offers temporary Medical Parking for those with appropriate medical documentation. This parking is limited and restricted. Go to Medical Parking for details.

Health Services is as a resource center for health information on a wide range of topics. Print and web resources are available; RN staff encourages health seeking behaviors at every patient visit, providing health education, counseling and referrals as needed.

Our office keeps track of student immunizations. Bergen Community College requires all students, part-time and full-time students to submit proof of 2 MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines. Students may also submit proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella by blood tests. The only exemption for MMR vaccination/blood testing is for students born prior to 1957. Details may be found on the Immunization Requirements page.

Students who started as full-timers (12 or more credits per semester) in Fall 2008 or later must also submit proof of immunity to Hepatitis B. There is NO age exemption for the Hepatitis B requirement. Immunity can be documented by submitting proof of the Hepatitis B series of immunizations or by a blood test.

Our office works closely with the Nursing Department and the Health Professions programs to ensure that students submit their medical documentation in a timely manner. Participation in these programs is dependent upon completion of all mandatory vaccines and blood tests. If you are a Nursing or Health Professions student, refer to Part B on the Immunization Requirements form, and take note of the MANDATORY vaccine and blood titer requirements. No student will be permitted to participate in the clinical component of these programs until they have completed ALL their medical requirements.

We work closely with Enrollment Services to help students clear Immunization Holds on their WebAdvisor accounts. If you have a WebAdvisor “hold”, please call our office and we will tell you which immunizations you must submit in order to clear the hold. Holds prevent you from registering or from seeing your grades. We suggest that you check your WebAdvisor account BEFORE you are eligible to register. This gives you enough time to get your immunizations and clear the hold so that your registration is not delayed.

If you need a copy of your medical/immunization records for another college, a new job or for yourself, please call our office: 201-447-9257. Your record will be prepared for you in the order in which your request was received by this office. This may take several business days. You will need to sign a Consent for Release of Information Form prior to receiving your medical record. This may be done in person or via fax. After you have submitted this form, we will mail or fax your record or give it to you in person. If you plan to pick up your medical record, please call before you come into the office so that our staff can have your documents ready for you.

The staff of Health Services is here to assist you with any health related need. We will answer your questions promptly. Please call the office at 201-447-9257. You may also email us at or fax your inquiry to 201-447-0327.