Nurse helping student in wheelchairNo appointments are needed at Health Services. We operate on a walk-in basis and see patients promptly.

The staff of Health Services is committed to a pro-active approach to each patient’s needs. This includes the opportunity for an RN consultation in a private, confidential setting on any health-related issue. Often patients have multiple needs and complex medical histories. RN staff will assist each patient with medical/community referrals and, if requested, will contact healthcare providers for the student.

Our facility is fully accessible to students with special needs. Staff is available to assist, as requested.

RN staff works closely with the Office of Specialized Services and with Personal Counseling to coordinate care for students with complex medical histories. Frequently, we meet with students’ families to discuss needs and formulate a plan of action in case of emergency.

We respond to medical emergencies on campus, working with Public Safety and ambulance personnel to stabilize individuals, ensure their safety,and provide a high level of emergency care.

When students request that their medical records be sent to another college or employer, our staff processes the request in a timely manner.Students need to CALL AHEAD to Health Services to request their medical records; phone 201-447-9257. You will need to submit a Consent for Release of Information Form BEFORE we can send out your medical record. You may submit this form in person, or mail/fax it to Health Services.

For our International Students, staff will take the time to clearly explain immunization requirements and insurance coverage. We encourage international students to stop into HS-100 to ask any questions they may have.

Our support staff is bilingual in Spanish/English.