Calculus Concepts

Calculus on the Web (COW)
Temple University’s Math department created this online self-quiz and tutorial for Precalculus and Calculus. It’s a little hard to navigate, but well worth it. This site involves a bit of clicking to get to the actual tutorial, but once you get there, it’s like an oasis of knowledge in the math desert.
The trick is to click on a quiz for the concept you’d like to get help with.
As an example, click on Calculus Book 1.
Then you’ll see a textbox containing different concept quizzes. Click on the concept you’re interested in, such as, “Functions and Geometry,” for example.
Next you’ll see another textbox with subconcepts, such as, “Lines”. Click on “Lines”, which will take you to another textbox. Once you get to one of these,you are home-free.

Click on “Slope of a line” and once you’re there, just click on Help (at the bottom right-hand of the textbox) and you will get a masterful explanation of that specific topic. Ahhhh!

Calculus Online Tutorial 

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