What, exactly, is an Articulation Agreement?

An Articulation Agreement is a formal, signed agreement between Bergen Community College and a four-year college or university. It spells out benefits and advantages for Bergen students when they transfer to that college.

While every agreement is different, most require that the student complete a specific degree or program.

General agreements state that a degree will transfer in full.

  • Program agreements may spell out the specific courses required for full transfer.
  • Scholarships may be part of an agreement.
  • The application fee may be waived.

While agreements can be valuable assets in the transfer process, it is important to note that Bergen students transfer successfully to many colleges where an agreement is not in place.

Current Bergen agreements are listed in the following pages. You can:

  • Look for a COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY and learn what agreements are in place.
  • Look for a MAJOR to determine which colleges have agreements for your program.

Once you have determined that there is an agreement that will benefit you, be sure to notify the Office of Admissions at the Four-Year college when you apply.

IMPORTANT: Colleges are like people. They change constantly. We make every effort to keep transfer information up-to-date, but this is not always possible. If you believe that you have not been treated according to the terms of an agreement, you are encouraged to speak with a Bergen Community College transfer counselor about the situation.

Contact Information

  • For information about creating a Transfer Articulation Agreement with Bergen Community College, please contact:
    Dianna M. O’Connor,  Ed.D
    Academic Advising & Articulation Coordinator
    Center for Student Success/Academic Advising
    Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor, Room A-118,
    400 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ 07652
    Phone: (201)493-3612.
    E-mail: doconnor@bergen.edu


Meeting a Transfer Counselor

  • Transfer Counselors are available in the Center for Student Success, Room A-118, Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor; appointments are preferred, and can be made in person, or by calling 201-447-7171;
  • Transfer Counselors from 4-Year Partner College/University and contact information can be found in Transfer Central, Room A126, Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor.

Notes: As part of the Center for Student Success, Transfer Central provides BCC students the opportunity to meet and work with our partner schools.
Students can work directly with our 4-year partners to plan BCC courses, create a transfer timeline, and find out about scholarship opportunities.
Each school offers Instant Admission Days throughout the year at our Paramus Campus streamlining and simplifying the transfer process.