Honors-By-Contract (HBC) is an option for Honors students who are 1 or 2 classes short of graduating with the JKW School of Honors Diploma.

Students may not take more than one HBC per semester.  HBC is not an option if a section of that course is currently running in Honors.  In addition, Honors-by-Contract may be available to students in independent study in advanced courses.

Students may take a regular section of a desired course for Honors credit if: the course is not offered in the Honors Program schedule of courses; the professor teaching the course agrees to assign the student an Honors Project in addition to the regular course requirements, and agrees to mentor the student.

The Honors-by-Contract form is completed and signed at the beginning and end of the semester.  The contract stipulates all required provisions in detail.  The student and professor must complete sections of the form and then it must be sent to the Department Chair (if applicable) for approval. Once approved by the Department Chair,  the form will be sent to the Director of the School of Honors.  The Director of the School of Honors will make the final determination if the contract will go into effect.  At the end of the semester, the professor must send the form with the student’s grade to the Director of the School of Honors and Registration.

Honors-by-Contract Form