Judith K. Winn School of Honors offers courses in the Spring and Fall semesters of each academic year. Acceptance to the Judith K. Winn School of Honors is based on meeting criteria. Click here for the requirements https://bergen.edu/honors/jkw/requirements/.

Prior to registering for Honors classes through the Judith K. Winn School of Honors, please complete the application, click here to apply https://bergen.edu/honors/jkw/apply-to-jkw-school-of-honors/. Please note that once you submit your application, someone will email you with approval within 48 hours. If you do not hear back, please email honors@bergen.edu.


Fall I Honors Courses (Begins 9/1/2021)

Mathematics and Science

BIO-103-003H Human Body Mon/Wed


On Campus 

 (J. Smalley)

MAT-150-005H Statistics Asynchronous

 (K. Saminejad)

PHY-112-002H Climatology Asynchronous

(M. McCrary)

Social Sciences

PSY-106-001H Dev. Psych: Lifespan Tues

8:00- 9:15am

On-Campus Hybrid

 (B. Ghazaei)

SOC-103-601H Soc. Of the Family Tue


On Campus Hybrid

(M. Flynn)

SOC-113-603H Social Problems Wed


On Campus Hybrid

(M. Flynn)

SOC-121-001H Chan. Role of Women M/W



 (J. Behn)

ECO-101-007H Macroeconomics Asynchronous

(T. Mutafoglu)

Writing and Communication

COM-100-033H Sp. Communication Asynchronous

(K. Williams)

COM-102-016H Public Speaking Asynchronous

 (G. Costa)

WRT-101-009H Comp I Mon


On-Campus Hybrid

(A. Tomko)

WRT-201-059H Comp II  Asynchronous

 (M. Makowiecka)

WRT-201-047H Comp II  Tue


On Campus Hybrid

 (L. Roliston)

WRT-201-621H Comp II  Wed


On-Campus Hybrid

(S. Gibbons)


LIT-218-001H Amer. Ethnic LIt  Mon


On-campus and Hybrid

(A. Kaufman)

MUS-106-002H World Music Asynchronous 

(A. Krikun)

HIS-102-001H West Civ Since Reform. Asynchronous

(K. Chu)

HIS-105-002H Women in His. Asynchronous

 (C. Eubank)

HIS-132-001H Sp. Speak. Carib since 1898 Asynchronous

 (I. Ehrlich)

PHR-101-009H Intro to Phil Wed


On-Campus Hybrid

 (K. Olbrys)

PHR-110-001H Intro. to Ethics Thur

1:45- 3:00pm

Online Mix

 (T. DeMarco)

THR-101-008H Intro to Theatre Wed


On Campus Hybrid

 (L. Jonaitis)

Fall II Honors Courses (Begins 9/22/2021 )

Social Sciences

ANT-101-002H Cultural Anthropology Asynchronous & Fall 2

(H. Horner)

POL-101-003H American Government T/Th


Synchronous & Fall2

(M. Farhat)

PSY-101-003H Gen. Psych. Tues


Online Mix & Fall 2

 (L. Ochoa)

PSY-102-006H Intro. Abnor. Psych. Tues

1:45- 3:00

Online Mix & Fall 2

 (L. Ochoa)

PSY-104-001H Human Relations Mon


On-Campus Hybrid & Fall 2

(M. Ahn)

PSY-201-001H Child Psychology Asynchronous & Fall 2

  1. Yankowski)
SOC-101-028H Sociology Asynchronous & Fall 2

(M. Ellis-Davis)

Writing and Communication

COM-102-017H Public Speaking Asynchronous & Fall 2

(T. Jewel)

WRT-101-012H Comp I  Tue


On-Campus Hybrid & Fall 2

(K. Keane)


ART-103-002H His. Art & Vis 1400-1900 Asynchronous

(D. Budd)