Notes: Please note that the Testing with a Proctor will not be offered during Spring 2021 semester due to COVID-19.

Tests or Exams with a Proctor

  • Bergen Community College offers proctored testing/exam administration services ONLY for students currently enrolled at Bergen Community College.
  • Proctoring services are available for students with testing accommodations approved by the Office of Specialized Services (OSS). Please email for more information.
  • Please email for availability of proctored test administration/services or questions.

Plan ahead:

    • Students are also strongly encouraged to reach out to their instructors first for assistance.
    • Testing Services does not have access to assist students with any technical issues associated with online courses.

Online Exams Technical Support

Below are some online course support reference materials for all Bergen students enrolled in a Moodle Course:

Students must abide by the Testing Center policies and procedures below.

Student’s Responsibility 

  • No tests will be administered without photo identification.
  • Know the deadline to take your examination set by your instructor.
  • Give yourself enough time to complete your examination.
  • Bring all permitted materials (i.e. calculator, pens/pencils, dictionaries,  etc.).
  • Know your instructor’s last name. The Testing Office cannot administer an  exam without an instructor’s name.

Testing Center Policies and Procedure 

  • Students who are caught cheating are not allowed to use the Testing  Center services.
  • Turn off cellphones and all other electronic devices and keep them  stored out of sight.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks during test session.
  • Place all textbooks, notebooks, and other belongings not required for your  test stored out of sight.
  • Only materials permitted by the instructor may be used during the test.
  • Keep your student identification card available at all times during the test.
  • Keep track of the time permitted for your test. Test takers are responsible for completing their tests within the time limit imposed by the instructor.
  • Test takers must have the permission of the testing proctor or the OTS  staff to leave the test session before the test is completed. Instructor will be  notified if time out of the session exceeds 5 minutes. Testing time will not  be adjusted should student leave the testing session. Students must leave  cell phones and all belongings at their station.
  • Test takers will not be permitted to return and complete an exam at a later  time without permission from the instructor.
  • Under no circumstances shall a test taker leave the test session with a test.
  • Test takers will surrender the test and test materials to the OTS staff  member immediately upon request.

Please note:

  1. The Office of Testing Services cannot answer specific questions over the phone about a student or the student’s examinations.
  2. All students must come to the office in room S-127 with government issued photo identification to receive specific information about an examination in The Office of Testing Services.
  3. Third parties never receive specific information about a student as per The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information about FERPA at BCC click here.